ztoical (ztoical) wrote in irishcomics,

Comic Jam March 3rd

Wow I always forget about livejournal, I'm sad I only got the ztoical.livejournal thingy so no one else could get ztoical as a user name, HA! Anyway I remebered i had the old livejournal and here i am so hello irish comic livejournal people and here's some info for the March Comic Jam [heaps of notice for everyone so no i didnt know excuses!]

What: Comic Jam [ie cartoonists meeting up, drawing comcis and taking comics :)]
When: March 3rd 6pm till late [very late!]
Where: The Duke [upstairs] Duke street [off grafton st.], Dublin.
Who: All are welcome thou having an interest in comics might help. Doesn't matter if you don't draw or have never tired to draw a comic this is about having a good night and a good laugh.

Anything else? Bring stuff to draw with and on [ie pencils, pens and paper] and money for pints.

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